Sometimes the path only reveals itself when you start walking it.

Paulo Coelho

Coaching offers space for self-reflection and self-awareness, it promotes self-direction and can increase performance and motivation.

Coaching leads to a stronger self-awareness, helps to recognise patterns of thinking and behaviour, supports leaders to lead their teams in a more reflective way and to better cope with future challenges.

With coaching you take responsibility for your own development. You actively participate in your personal growth, the development of your potential, a more efficient and focused way of working and the achievement of goals.

Coaching provides new impulses for everyday (professional) life. It helps you to become aware of your own identity, convictions and values, resources, strengths and effectiveness and to be able to use them. Coaching provides you with clarity, a variety of options and security when making important decisions.

Coaching supports mental health and overall well-being by learning about your own limits and developing and applying strategies to cope with stress.

is aimed at specialists and leaders

… who would like to develop personally and professionally and realise their potential.

… who are confronted with change and want to actively deal with it.

…who want to work on their communication for better interpersonal relationships, mutual understanding and more successful cooperation.

… who want 1:1 support to find individual solutions to current challenges, achieve their goals and increase success for themselves and their team.

Here are some examples from the main topics of development, change and communication that I can support you with.


  • Personality development: Determining one’s position and reflecting on personal values and motivators, increasing awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, finding meaning, developing and implementing personal and professional goals, working out vision, mission, goals and strategies on the basis of the professional and life situation, broadening perspective for more possibilities for action, creating clarity in order to identify potential fields of development and unfold potentials.

  • Self-control issues: Dealing with strong emotions, stress, and success. Changing thought and behaviour patterns, building new habits, strengthening self-worth, overcoming self-doubt, time and stress management, burnout prevention, work-life balance, building a stronger connection to your resources, coping with everyday life, becoming aware of and dealing with different roles e.g. team member, parent, manager.


  • Inner change: recognising and changing ways of thinking and behaving, becoming aware of limiting beliefs, releasing mental blocks and beliefs, overcoming fears and inner conflicts.
  • Decision-making: gaining clarity and making well-founded decisions, bearing the consequences of decisions
  • Professional orientation and development: finding a vocation, shaping and living a positive professional future, returning to work after e.g. parental leave, illness, burnout or unemployment, solving concrete challenges in everyday work or from organisational changes, growing into a new role, conflicts at work
  • Leadership topics: first leadership experience and taking on responsibility, managing a former team, taking control and letting go as a leader, finding a leadership style, leadership problems and conflicts
  • Organisational issues: Finding and implementing business strategies, challenges from restructuring and transformation.


  • Gaining clarity within for better external communication, becoming clear about one’s own feelings and needs, being able to articulate and express them
  • Expanding individual communication skills, learning and applying respectful and empathetic communication for better relationships, mutual understanding, more successful cooperation and collaboration; placing and asserting one’s own issues, giving and receiving appreciative feedback.
  • Improving communication and information in the company, leading discussions and negotiations, developing a feedback culture
  • Dealing with individual and organisational conflicts such as mobbing, conflicts in the team, between employees and leaders, support in changing perspectives, changing the point of view and broadening the perspective in order to build bridges for better cooperation

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