Even the longest journey begins with a first step.


Team coaching activates new values, ways of working and thinking, facilitates new perspectives during change, expands employees’ action and problem-solving skills and has a supportive effect on agile business transformations.

Coaching can be an effective investment in the human capital of the company. Team development is crucial for business success.

Coaching is ideal for leadership development. It strengthens the ability of self-reflection, which has an impact on teamwork. Conflicts are reduced and team cohesion is improved.

Coaching increases the ability to make decisions, thereby reducing wrong business decisions and the associated costs.

Coaching helps to build corporate resilience and makes it easier for employees to confront and deal with unexpected challenges.

Through a coaching offer, employees experience appreciation, which strengthens the bond with the company and at the same time promotes employer attractiveness.

is aimed at specialists and leaders, teams and organisations,

…who want to use team coaching to analyse their current team status, uncover team roles and team types, build trust and improve team communication.

… who want to strengthen team identity, develop team spirit and increase motivation and achieve this through jointly developed team goals, discussion of mission and vision.

… who want a chance for all team members in a constructive framework to find common approaches to improve cooperation, to secure team performance and to maintain a positive working atmosphere.

… who want to achieve sustainable changes in thinking and behaviour through regular observation, feedback, practice and mutual support.

…who want to intervene preventively, to avoid escalation when conflicts threaten to overturn the team climate and impair team productivity.


Team building is useful in the initial phase of newly formed teams. Team building forms the basis for a well-performing team, because it builds trust, allows team members to get to know each other better and creates clarity about how the team wants to work together. Team building creates bonding team experiences and strengthens team spirit. It accelerates the first two phases of team development according to Tuckman, reduces the challenges and is a shortcut on the way to a high-performance team.

Occasions for team building can be, for example, the following topics: onboarding of new employees, personnel change within the team, reorganisation and formation of new teams, change of management.

Team Development

Team development focuses on promoting goal-oriented and solution-oriented cooperation.

After team development, successful teams know how to deal with each other in a goal-oriented way and find solutions. Team members have mutual trust, assume and demand responsibility, are deployed according to their strengths and their weaknesses are compensated for by colleagues without hesitation. Team communication is smoother, professional and interpersonal differences are addressed immediately. Constructive thought processes are initiated and new ways of behaving are adopted.

Occasions for team development can be, for example, the following topics: team analysis, vision work, self-organisation in the team, conflict management, reducing resistance to change, building a feedback culture, reflecting on thought and behaviour structures in the team.


Workshops have the advantage that persons concerned become participants and employees can deal intensively with a topic. Through self-acquired and emotionally experienced knowledge, this knowledge is anchored in the consciousness more easily, quickly and sustainably.

I would be happy to design a customised workshop for your individual needs. Occasions for workshops can be, for example, the following topics:

  • Annual team retreats
  • Empathic leadership
  • Conducting appraisal interviews
  • Empowerment in the team
  • Appreciative interaction

Do you know a successful sports team without a coach?

Neither do I. Successful teams rely on coaches. Treat yourself to support to develop your employees into a high-performance team.

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