Paths are created by walking them.

Franz Kafka

Business Coaching

Business coaching in a 1:1 setting offers you the most individual and intensive form of further development. It creates clarity in challenging situations and provides orientation. I offer you the opportunity to define professional and private priorities in a trusting environment, to gain new perspectives and to shape the path to focused goals. I accompany you step by step in your coaching process.

Team Coaching

Team coaching supports groups of newly formed employees to find their way in the team as well as long-standing teams to analyse and break up lived dynamics and patterns.

Team coaching can be used as an accompanying measure for a longer-term team development strategy. Or for short-term issues and challenges that need to be resolved within a team.

My main topics in team coaching are: Team Building, Team Coaching, Workshops

Coaching process: YOUR GUIDE to the coaching process

ViaMia Coaching Model - A guide for the coaching process

Every coaching is different, different methods are used and individual solutions are developed. Coaching is a structured and process-oriented procedure that is usually divided into the following steps. We regularly evaluate the distance to the set goal. If we find that the path we have taken does not lead to the goal, we make a course correction and find a more suitable path for you.

You decide to have a coaching session with me.

At the beginning, the willingness of the coachee to deal with his or her concerns is crucial. The first step is to contact me and have a free, non-binding conversation (approx. 30 min) during which we get to know each other and find out whether we have the right chemistry. Trust is the basis for the coachee to open up and work on him/herself effectively. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the focus of the coaching and to clarify whether the coach and coachee can imagine working together. In addition, rough goals can be defined together and the next steps can be agreed upon.

Let´s find your way and walk together.